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Agilis uses a user-friendly and comfortable oscillometric technique. With Agilis CD, the arterial blood pressure analysis software, the recorder is easily programmed, data analysis is rapid and complete, and customized reports can be edited and printed. Agilis is certified by the EHS.

  • Compact and quiet
  • The small size of Agilis and its quiet cuff inflation and deflation offers enhanced patient comfort.
  • Cuff size recognition
  • Agilis automatically adjusts to the cuff size, shortening the duration of device configuration at time of hook-up.
  • Recording duration
  • Agilis requires only 2 AA batteries and records up to 52 hours of data (two 24 hour recordings).
  • Programming the recorder before recording

Before a recording session, a tailored, individual patient blood pressure measurement plan can be created with Agilis CD, and uploaded in the recorder. This allows the entry of the patient’s name, waking and sleeping hours, cuff deflation mode parameters, and modification of thresholds or definition of special time periods. A simple default protocol can also be used.

  • Complete and rapid analysis

The Agilis CD ABP analysis report includes the full disclosure of blood pressure and heart rate recordings. Recordings are presented as graphs and trends, along with complete statistics: mean arterial pressure and blood pressure load during waking and sleeping hours.

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